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The purchase, sale, lease, rental or gifting of real property is a major decision. If you are selling or buying real property without the aid of a real estate agent, it is important to have an experienced professional prepare or review the necessary documents to complete the transaction properly. Many people are tempted to use inexpensive forms obtained in office supply stores or on the internet, however the one form fits all approach doesn't always work for every situation and may leave you vulnerable to further legal complications. Even if you are purchasing or selling real property with the aid of a real estate agent, it may make sense to have an unbiased professional review the documents and advise you of your best course of action.

The decision to lease or rent property, or lease or rent to own property is also a major decision, particularly when the parties are family members or friends of the family. A properly prepared contract lays out the terms up front and will help to alleviate problems among family members in the future.

If you are considering gifting real property as part of your overall estate plan, we can assist you with all aspects of the transaction. Gifting real property can have many benefits including tax benefits and avoidance of legal action, such as probate, in the future. Each situation is different and our attorneys can advise you of the benefits and considerations of gifting property in each individual situation.

There may also come a time when you find yourself in a dispute with a neighbor or other individual, over real property. Our attorneys are experienced with a variety of real property issues. From boundary disputes to disputes over title to property, we can advise you and provide experienced litigation if necessary.

No matter what your needs are pertaining to real property, our attorneys can advise and assist you. We review or prepare documents such as purchase and sale agreements, lease agreements, lease to own agreements and other real estate contracts. If you would like to gift property, we can complete the process from the preparation of the transfer documents to advice on how to maximize tax benefits. Should you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of a real property dispute, our experienced attorneys can assist you each step of the way.