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Business Formation:

With the advent of bundled legal services, individuals seeking to form a business may wonder if it is worth the time and effort to consult with an attorney as part of the startup phase of the business. Unfortunately, using bundled legal services can often be a case of being penny-wise and pound foolish. Yes, it is frequently cheaper to go with a bundled service, BUT you usually get exactly what you pay for. When you are starting your business do you want to deal with an impersonal website, or do you want to deal with someone who will take the time to get to know exactly what your business is about and what can be done to ensure that the business is successful? There are numerous types of business entities available, and our office can advise you with respect to the dangers and benefits of a particular business arrangement and suggest alternatives that may more fully meet and protect your business and personal needs.

General Counsel:

While it is not cost effective for most (if not all) small and medium size businesses to have an attorney on staff, legal considerations are frequently an element of daily business operations. Our office can be a "Virtual General Counsel" and provide advice on a myriad of legal issues that arise from daily operations.

Business Litigation:

In a perfect world all parties to a contract would do exactly what they said that they would do, no dis-grunted ex-employee would ever bring a lawsuit, and partners in a business would always act in the best interests of both the business and the people with whom they are in business. However, frequently this is not case. Contracts get broken, partners make questionable business decisions, and ex-employees make everyone's life miserable. It is important when these events take place that the business seek qualified litigation advice sooner rather than later.

When a process server has left a summons and complaint with the owner, it is natural to feel some anxiety and uncertainty about what to do next. Our experienced litigation staff can walk you through the process and make sure your business is protected.

Additionally, our office is an experienced debt collector and can work to bring funds that are due to your business in a timely and cost effective manner.

Registered Agent:

The State of Washington requires that all corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies have a registered agent, and most small businesses simply designate the owner or one of the partners to serve in this capacity. However, our office can serve as the registered agent for a small annual fee, and then free up the owners from having to worry if some unscrupulous process server has served someone in an office who may or may not know what to do with the documents.

Finally, our office is a small business and so we have a firm understanding of the challenges that small to medium sized business face. Our desire is to be long-term partners and to help you grow your business.